Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Personal Tutoring Plan (PTP): Each Prep1on1 student meets with our President, Wendy Goldstein, to create their PTP to include the Test Choice, Tutor Match, and Timeline for testing. This complimentary meeting will be scheduled on a convenient date to follow our Best Test diagnostic service.
  2. Welcome Letter: Your family will receive (by email) an introductory letter that establishes you are part of our network. The letter outlines our basic policies plus an invoice for our administrative fee.
  3. Administrative Fee: Prep1on1 has a one time fee of $ 95 to cover the costs of our office/phone communications and Mock testing throughout student’s prep. You will be billed once you have signed on for services payable by check or credit card.
  4. E-newsletter: Prep1on1 will send both the parent and student our quarterly e-news letter which will include TIMELY information about test registration + deadlines, upcoming Mocks for all SAT and ACT tests and our newest additional services.
  5. Tutors and Schedules: Your assigned tutor(s) will contact you by email or phone to introduce their services and to schedule the date, time, and location of the prep sessions. Payment information is contracted with your individual tutor. Contact your tutor directly for all scheduling changes.
  6. Cancellations: Prep1on1 recognizes that emergency situations arise. We will waive the cancellation fee in these cases. Cancellations made 24- hours or less prior to scheduled appointments will result in a cancellation fee totaling 100% of the tutor’s rate.
  7. Payment: Prep1on1 accepts payments in the form of cash, check, and credit card.
  8. Materials: Prep1on1 provides our customized curriculum and the necessary course materials for both the SAT and ACT. Your tutors may also suggest to purchase the Official Study Guide for the tests.
  9. Homework: Regular practice is a key component to improving test scores. While we understand that students have demanding schedules, we expect that homework assigned by our tutors will be completed before the student’s scheduled lesson to maximize results. If at any time this is not feasible, the student/parent should contact his or her tutor ahead of the next scheduled session.
  10. Privacy: We respect your privacy and will keep all information confidential.