Our Company Story

Prep1on1 is a privately owned tutoring company dedicated to preparing students for both the SAT and ACT. Our owner, Wendy Goldstein has been tutoring students for 15 + years in Montgomery County. Our staff of highly trained tutors along with our Signature Tool “Best Test “ was developed specifically to choose the right test for your student. We exclusively offer 1 on 1 prep which provides both the Strategies and Study Skills to build students’ confidence and knowledge. We start with a Personal Tutoring Plan, created specifically for each student’s needs, that outlines exactly how students can get started and how we will help them reach their goals!

We take pride in our communication with students, their parents and tutors as a team.

Wendy Goldstein

Wendy-GoldsteinMy career in education began in 1997, as a private SAT & ACT mathematics tutor. My vision was to create a company that offers the most highly trained tutors, the best one-on-one tutoring program. I feel proud today to have accomplished my goal.

We give 100% to each student and his/her family at Prep1on1, both individually as tutors and as a team. We strive to provide the highest quality tutoring with the goal of truly addressing each student’s specific needs, learning style, and academic goals. We leverage our testing diagnostic tool and initial face-to-face meeting to then design each student’s Personal Tutoring Plan. We have learned what it takes to meet the needs of our clients who prefer personalized, one-on-one service.

We are a company that takes the time to get to know each family. As the President, I am actively involved with every student and their parents. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer relations.

Achieving success, one student at a time” is our motto.


What Makes Us Different

Customized Curriculum
Each student learns differently. We create a curriculum that we individualize to meet each students’ specific learning style that is  pivotal to their success and improved scores. Each student will prep with a carefully selected team of two tutors to address the verbal, math, and science sections.

Our Team of Tutors
We take pride in our extensive training and selection process of our tutors. Our strict screening process and rigorous training program ensure that our tutors have all the necessary tools to help students succeed. Our team consists of professionals with high academic credentials. What stands out beyond their knowledge of the material is their proven success in working with high school students to build confidence and overcome the obstacles of test taking.

Personal Tutoring Plan
Each family meets with our staff to create a 1 on 1 approach. Students start the process by attending our free Best Test Diagnostic. Our “Signature Tool” was created to help determine the right test for each student. In your complimentary consultation we will discuss all aspects of the time line for your testing and the best match of tutors. We explain in detail all aspects of the 1 on1 process and how we support you throughout.

Strategies & Skills
We teach strategies for the SAT/ACT and provide a comprehensive, in depth review of all skills necessary for these tests. Additionally, we also have tutors available to help students with writing assignments and in various other subjects. (Click here) to find out about the new subjects we tutor in. Our list keeps growing!)

Convenient Scheduling
We create a tutoring timeline that fits students’ needs and schedules to get students ready on time for their target test dates. We offer tutoring in your home or in our Rockville office.

Ongoing Communication & Customer Service
We provide ongoing communication with students and parents to give regular feedback throughout the tutoring process. Watch for our “e-mail notes” and monthly e-newsletters packed with up to date information about services and testing.